Course UCI media License Tour de Suisse

One important new change for 2013 in the UCI regulations is that journalists driving cars and motorbikes in races (with the green sticker) also need a UCI license. This is a result of the incident in the Tour de France in 2011 involving Juan Antonio Flecha and Johnny Hoogerland. This insurance license will be mandatory during the upcoming Tour de France.

The AIJC is now in talks with the UCI to try to smoothly introduce this scheme. The AIJC and UCI will jointly organise courses to obtain this license. Before the start of the Tour de Suisse there will be a course on Saterday, June 8th at 10.00 a.m. next to the pressroom of the Tour de Suisse in Quinto. UCI-commissaire Philippe Mariën will give this course. Those interested can register before Wednesday, June 6th at