Worlds Richmond 2015

From: Raymond Kerckhoffs
Newspaper: De Telegraaf (Netherlands)
Conclusion: Very good working conditions. Good collaboration AIJC with UCI-pressdepartment and the local organizers.

1) Information on website: You could find a lot of information on the website of Richmond2015. Perhaps the Worlds-organizers should work in the future more together with the AIJC about hotelaccommodations for the media. Now the mediahotels were 20 to 25 km out of the city.

2) Accreditation: accreditation system by UCI and Wings works perfectly. Some new journalists contacted me that they couldn’t find directly the website for accreditation. Maybe it’s an idea to create a button media on the UCI-website.

3) Indication to Accreditation Centre: no problems. The accreditation was near the pressroom and near the finish.

4) Live-ticker of the race: You could find on a lot of websites every information.

5) Working conditions at the starts: no special problems. Start of the elites was not at the local circuit so there was not much press.

6) Working conditions at the finish: No problems. Every rider has to pass through the mixed-zone. Only for the first three riders it was an unlogical route to go from the finish to the podium, to the mixed-zone and than to the pressconference room. The best logistic situation was Ponferrada. The UCI has to copy this situation for futher Worlds.

7) Pressroom: Perfect. Good location.

8) Distance pressroom – finish: Perfect.

9) Internet, information about the race in the press room and results: no complaints at all.

10) Food or drinks at or near the pressroom: very good. You could buy meals in the pressroom. Near the pressrooms were a lot of restaurants. And in the pressroom free coffee, water, softdrinks and snacks.

11) Press conferences: Good! Straight to the point and good that Pascale Schyns was back as translator. She controls the whole pressconference. In the past there was sometimes at the Worlds a local press-officer who would like to make a show of it. This doesn’t work. Keep it professional. Richmond was ok!

12) Amount of professional and non-professional journalists: Good controle. No complains and good collaboration between UCI and AIJC on this point.