Vuelta al Páis Vasco 2015

From: Alasdair Fotheringham, UK (The Independent)
Conclusion: Overall, good working conditions
• Information on website:Fine
• Accreditation: Accreditation system works without problems, except that getting the original application form is a real headache. Once there, really friendly, competent and very fast.
• Indication to Accreditation Centre: no problem
• Live-ticker of the race: good
• Working conditions at start:Good, except for stage five start from Eibar, as usual. But this is as much a problem with the town’s roads, which are narrow, and which can’t be helped.
• Working conditions at finish: No problems, although some complaints from photographers about overly keen local security staff preventing them from doing their work.
• Pressroom:Great.
• Distance Pressroom – Finish.Very straightforward. Very, very helpful staff in general.
• Distance Finish – buses of the teams.Fine
• Internet: Uneven, but generally ok.
• Information about race in pressroom:Good
• Results: Ok
• Food or drinks at or near pressroom: Perfect. Enough drinks and good coffee, also some food. Well-organised.
• Press conference: No press conference at the pressroom after each stage.
• Amount of professional and non-professional journalist:definitely needs to be reviewed. As far could be ascertained, the organisation appears to be overly happy to give people masquerading as journalists with nothing to do except take up space in the press room a press pass. That can’t go on.
General conclusions: A very good race to work on. Even the weather this year was good. The main worry is with the accreditation system and too many non-professional journalists and the lack of interviews in the press room after the stages with the day’s winners.