Vattenfall Cyclassics 2015


From: Bram Vandecapelle. Newspaper: Het Nieuwsblad (Belgium) Conclusion: Pressroom closed much too early. No respect for foreign journalists who still had a lot of work. Still a lots of improvement necessary!

1) Information on website: A day before the start it wasn’t clear which riders should start. Also the race-course wasn’t clear at the official website.

2) Accreditation: This could be more strict. I was never controlled to show my press accreditation. The guy who was responsible at the start for the press even didn’t know the difference between photographers and written journalists.

3) Indication to Accreditation Centre: In the map we received from the organization it wasn’t clear where the press office was. There was no parking place for the press. We had to park our car in the middle of the city. When we entered the city of Hamburg we still had to ride more than one hour to find the press office.

4) Working conditions at the starts: no special problems, team buses nearby the startpodium. It was easy to talk with riders and other team members.

5) Pressroom at the finish: They told us that the pressroom already closed at 18.00h. After we interviewed the riders at the buses and walked back to to the pressroom it was already 17h20. So we had only 40 minutes fo finish our stories. Maybe this is enough for the most of the German journalists, but for Belgian journalists who have to write a full newspaper page it’s impossible to do you work in 40 minutes. The pressroom at the finish was like a kindergarten. Several noisy kids came in, photographers were laughing. It was far from ideal to do you work there.

6) Distance pressroom – finish: Ten minutes walking. At the finish the workingconditions were ok.

7) Distance finish – team buses: Ok, five minutes walking.

8) Internet, information about the race in the press room and results: internet ok. no results of the race.

9) Food or drinks at or near the pressroom: Enough drinks and sandwiches.

10) Press conferences: conference of the racewinner.

11) Amount of professional and non-professional journalists: Like I said before, the pressroom looked like a kindergarten. A lot of children and people who were talking loud. Less respect for journalists who still had to work.