Tour of Beijing 2013

From: Hans Ruggenberg
Country: The Netherlands (De Telegraaf)
Conclusion:  Around the race good organisation. Only problems with the hotels, we had to share rooms for almost the whole week.

  1. Information: Race results were quickly on the website. And race radio was also good in English and French.
  2. Accreditation: No problems. After filling in the Visa there was no problem with accreditation. Only the organisation from China side was problematic. On the day of arrival there were no credentials yet and no racebooks. It was obvious that Chinese still are a bit cautious with media from abroad.
  3. Indication: Media had chauffeurs to bring the mto the start, finish and hotels where the mediacentre was situated.
  4. Live-ticker of the race: actually I don’t know. At the finish line there was no wifi, so no use of internet.
  5. Working conditions at start: Just like most other races. Find your way to talk with the riders you want to talk to.
  6. Working conditions at finish: No internet, no working space. After asking we were allowd to get in to the VIP area, but still nog internet or working tables.
  7. Pressroom: No complaints. Internet worked good and always at the hotel.
  8. Distance: Was no issue. By cars we were brought from the finishline to the pressroom.
  9. Internet: Worked fine, but as you know in China you can’t look on every internet site you want to.
  10. Information: There were televisions at the finishline, where we could watch te race live. And Tourradio was good in the car. But as told earlier, no internet.
  11. Results: Ok
  12. We could use the lunch in the VIP section. But one day at the uphill finish outside Beijing nothing was there to eat. Breakfast and dinner was good in the hotels.
  13. Pressconference: There was time enough to talk with the riders at the finish line, or otherwise later in te hotel.
  14. Amount of professional and non-professional journalist: No problems.