Tour Down Under 2013

Tour Down Under 2013
Tour Down Under 2013

From: Guy Van Den Langenbergh
Country: Belgium (Gazet van Antwerpen)
Conclusion: model organization

  1. Information on website: more than enough. Perfect roadmaps, a lot of news about the participants in the run-up to and during the race.
  2. Accreditation: via the website, clear and with the necessary feedback. Smooth, even when accrediting itself where the necessary documents were ready.
  3. Designation accreditation center: Those who are unfamiliar with the exact location of the pressroom in the Hilton Hotel will just have to ask. Presumably directors Hilton not allow an arrow in the lobby. Alternatively: press room on the ground floor and behind the lobby. Hard to miss.
  4. Working at the start: sometimes it is a little narrow but usually it is convenient working. Riders are lack of teambusses almost always available, the public is kept neatly behind the fence. And… Australians do not tend to jump over the fences.
  5. Working on the finish: press is permitted in parking area for teamcars. Public is kept so that it is comfortable to work. NEW: organization now has and every finish a little pressroom (tent equipped with television so that the final stages of the television could be followed. Some tables and electricity facilities). Only no WIFI what for the non-Australian press a ‘small’ handicap is.
  6. Pressroom: permanent pressroom at Hilton Adelaide. Perfect internet, decent catering what “solid food” is concerned, what perfect catering beverage concerned (soft drinks, water, coffee and tea. Wine and beer for the later hours).
  7. Distance pressroom – finish: the local press tents were really ‘on’ the finish. Foreign press must however immediately to Adelaide return to work. Longest transfer something over an hour. There is in Australia for the European press the huge advantage over time so it never has a problem yielded.
  8. Distance pressroom – Team parking: on site
  9. Press conference: media manager at the finish ensures that the riders of the podium also keep available for audiovisual and written press.
  10. Internet: perfect at the pressroom in the Hilton, absent local presstents at the finish.
  11. Information on race press room: results quickly available, additional information more than adequate.
  12. Results: see point ten
  13. Eating and Drinking in press room: see section 6. In local press tents was usually frigobox with water.
  14. Number of journalists: difficult to estimate. Treasure yet thirty, most of which are professionals.
  15. Extras: transport also press to start – finish – back to press room was perfectly arranged. There are enough cars, vans and drivers available. Relocation to start happening in convoy so nobody “lost” can drive. For inexperienced journalists, the organizers arrange for interviews.