Tour Down Under 2014

From: Raymond Kerckhoffs
Country: The Netherlands (De Telegraaf)

Conclusion: Excellent conditions. Just like the races in Canada, ‘Down Under’ is an example for many European organisations.

  1. Information on website: Very professional site with updated information about the races.
  2. Accreditation: Accreditation system works without problems.
  3. Indication to Accreditation Centre: Well-indicated. Everybody knows that the Hilton in Adelaide is the headquarter of the race.
  4. Live-ticker of the race: Is ok!
  5. Working conditions at start: Perfect. No buses so it’s very easy to talk with all the riders you want. Only at the two criteriums in Adelaide, it’s a little bit more difficult because of the crowd.
  6. Working conditions at finish: No problems. Maybe the media zone at the finish could be a little bit bigger. And it would be better if the media zone at the finish is at the same side of the road where the riders have to go.
  7. Pressroom: Perfect. The pressroom in the Hilton is an example for a lot of races. It’s the only pressroom in the year where we find a lounge-corner with all newspapers of that day. Many thanks to Wolf Blass for the good wines. Also the little pressrooms at the finish were perfect with good internet. Maybe there could be some more space, but it’s great that the organization has made this step to have also pressrooms direct at the finish.
  8. Distance Pressroom – Finish. Fantastic. Compliments.
  9. Distance Finish – buses of the teams. There are no buses, so it’s very easy to find the riders next to the team leaderscars directly near the finish.
  10. Internet: It worked well. Very fast!
  11. Information about race in pressroom: You could follow the live ticker on the site. And you could follow the race on television on a big screen. And the Tour-radio was also in the pressroom.
  12. Results: Ok
  13. Food or drinks at or near Pressroom: Perfect. Enough drinks and good coffee. And in the hotel or near the hotel a lot of food courts.
  14. Press conference: No press conference at the pressroom. Maybe this is an option to do next year with the overall-winner.
  15. Amount of professional and non-professional journalist: No problem. Gennie Sheer and her team did a great job!