Tour de Suisse 2013

From Guy Van Den Langenbergh (Gazet van Antwerpen)  Late finishes makes work difficult because riders want to go quickly to the hotels.

Information on website

Excellent. All information required was available on the website An example.


Easy to get accreditated  and with a confirmation mail. Accreditation was ready at time of arrival. No extra pictures needed to be taken if you were in the system. Negative remark: there were almost no raceguides for presspeople. Apparently we were supposed to print them ourself through a link they send us some days before the start of the race.

Indication to Accreditationcentre

A little bit confusing at the start of stage 1 because distance between pressparking and pressroom was almost two kilometer.

Working conditions at start

No complaints. Only at Buochs the distance between pressparking and starting area was also more than two kilometer.

Working conditions at finish

No real complaints. Parking teambus was always very well indicated and pretty nearby, with exception for Meiringen. Only for the last individual timetrial there were no buses nearby but you could stop the riders at the finishline. Overall-winner Rui Costa didn’t show up for final pressconference. Not the fault of the organisers.


Large enough and almost everywhere close to the finishline.

Distance Pressroom – Finish

Almost always on the spot!

Distance Finish – busses of the Teams

Meiringen and final timetrial (no busses) were a ‘minor’ problem.


Performant and for free

Information about race in Pressroom

Live tv-coverage


Soon available, recycled paper (!!) and recto verso (!!).

Food or drinks at or near Pressroom

No complaints. Sandwiches, soup… Just what we need!


Only Rui Costa didn’t show up. Well organized and with Toni Nuetzli they have an excellent moderator.

Amount of proffesional and non-professional journalist

Varied between 20 and 30.

REMARK: the only remark we have to make, is that finishing hours where very late which also had an impact on working conditions. Riders wanted to go to the hotel as quick as possible so there wasn’t much time left to work.