Québec and Montréal

From: Léon de Kort
Country: The Netherlands (De Telegraaf)
Conclusion: If the whole World Tour should be organized like it is in those two races led by the team of Serge Arsenault, cycling would be recognized as ‘very professional and efficient’.


Information on website: Although not often needed, the race website is very professional and has all required (press) information.

Accreditation: Yves Perret knows what his job as the head of the media department for these Canadian races is all about. So no complaints about this.

Indication to Accreditationcentre: Didn’t really matter, as the accreditation took place in the rider- en press hotels.

Live-ticker of the race: Up to date!

Working conditions at start: No stress at the start, because the road was closed to the public. The people stayed behind the barriers, very disciplined.

Working conditions at finish: A little bit of e problem, because the podium riders (top-3) weren’t available after the finish, because television people kept thema way en they were held up in a special television corridor, which was not open for written press. Not ideal knowing that the deadline was approaching. The only quotes you got were those from the televison interviews.

Pressroom: The press room in Québec was excellent, the one in Montreal also normally works ok, but due to the low temperature in the late afternoon it was not very pleasant to work in the tent at the finish line.

Distance Pressroom – Finish. Better you don’t get it.

Distance Finish – busses of the Teams. A few hundred meters and you could find the riders, and their crew.

Internet: Good. No complaints.

Information about race in Pressroom: Well organized. Live info of the race, race radio as well.

Results: Was ok.

Food or drinks at or near Pressroom: Food and drinks. Sober but good, and enough.

Pressconference; Meetings with the riders were led by a good translator/journalist. Short but useful.