Milano – Sanremo 2013

From: Gregor Brown
Country: Italy (Freelance Journalist)

  1. Information on website: Road and timetables available, as well as news and videos.
  2. Accreditation: RCS Sport’s accreditation website is difficult. They are aware of this, but waiting to build a new website.
  3. Indication to Accreditation centre: The address was communicated in the race guide on the organiser’s website.
  4. Working conditions at start: The start area outside of Castello Sforzesco was well organised, with buses wrapped around the castle. Media was able to collect accreditation easily at the start the morning of the race.
  5. Working conditions at finish: A tent with live TV was positioned well after the finish line. The buses in Sanremo are parked outside the train station, which is packed with fans. It is difficult to move around the buses.
  6. Pressroom: TVs and internet was provided, though you must pay around 10-12 euro for Wifi. The room became too cold as the night went on.
  7. Distance Pressroom – Finish: It is far away, around 1km, from the finish. With the long day and late finish, it makes work difficult.
  8. Distance Finish – busses of the Teams: The parking is close to the finish, but can be too crowded with fans to move around.
  9. Internet: RCS Sport charges 10 to 12 euro for internet. AIJC has asked they offer free internet in one-day races, and perhaps Tirreno-Adriatico.
  10. Information about race in Pressroom: TV coverage was good. The organiser’s website could use a better live ticker.
  11. Results: Results and important communiqués arrived on time to your work area, or were available at the front of the pressroom.
  12. Food or drinks at or near Pressroom: More drinking water needs to be made available. For Sanremo, with such a late finish, it would be good if the organiser offered snacks after the finish.
  13. Press conference: Plenty of time was given for journalists to speak with Gerald Ciolek in the conference.
  14. Amount of professional and non-professional journalist: There were maybe a few non-pro journalists, but less than what we saw in Tirreno-Adriatico.