Milano-Sanremo 2016

By Gregor Brown (Ita/USA – Cycling Weekly/Velonews)
Conclusion: Well-run race, but needing some small tweaks for the press

Security at the start and finish: At the start, journalists were blocked from the mixed-zone near the sign-in and were not allowed on the start line at all times. However, fans made their way into the start area. The fans were taking selfies everyhwere. This is wrong for the working journalists and a danger for the race and cyclists.
Accreditation: Website is slightly confusing with the press press log-in. We suggest a better system.
Distance to Pressroom: With the new finish, the pressroom is closer. It could be better, but it works.
Pressroom: It was set up well with additional TVs this year. Also, the drinking water ran out quickly.
Bathrooms: They were dirty and lacked soap. It’s a health concern for working journalists.
Winner’s press conference: Located next to the pressroom and well-run with the winner in French and Italian. English was saved for afterwards.
Food: It would be helpful to have a buffet, coffee and more drinking water in the pressroom for the journalists. It helps us from walking around and looking for food at the nearby and crowded bar/restaurants.
Internet: The other monuments do not charge for internet. It needs to be free for the future.
Results: On time and well organised.