Milano-Sanremo 2015

From: Gregor Brown. USA, freelance.
Conclusion: RCS working hard, but some issues need addressing.

Accreditation: Website is difficult to use. Many journalists needed help.
Distance Pressroom: The pressroom could be closer to the finish, but is not bad with the new line on Via Roma.
Pressroom: Setup well. The workers kept it clean and the results were well organised after the race near the side of the room.
Winner’s press conference: Located close to the pressroom and on time after the finish. Also, this year the organiser did a good job in announcing Kristoff’s arrival. The second and third place riders were available in the mixed zone.
Food: A buffet would be an added help for journalists so that they don’t have to go searching for restaurants or bars. The race organiser offered water, however
Internet: The cost is too much for one day, also considering the journalists only use it for eight or six hours. The other one-day races, like the classics in Belgium or ASO’s races, offer free internet.
Bathrooms: They were dirty and lacked soap.
Results: Ok