Milano-Sanremo 2014

From: Gregor Brown
Country: USA
Conclusion: Isn’t it possible to find a pressroom closer to the finish?

  1. Pressroom: The pressroom is too far from the finish. It should be closer to the finish line. If the weather is bad it makes for a long walk, and the journalists have a little time to do so. We suggest moving the pressroom closer to the finish line so that we can get to the finish line easier. The team buses at Milan-San Remo are close to the finish line, which works out well for the journalists. We would like to compliment the organiser in arranging this.
  2. Winner’s press conference: It started on time and the journalists were able to ask plenty of questions. The organiser made the first placed rider available to the journalists. The second and third place riders were also available in the mixed zone at the finish line, which worked out well for the journalists.
  3. Food: There should be food and water for the journalists. This year, the race organiser offered water but no food. This is better than last year when the races office limited water.
  4. The journalists need food and water because it is a long race and they are busy working. They have little time to go out looking for something to eat.
  5. In the future, we suggest to have free coffee available for the journalists. We suggest that the organiser makes this available at the Giro d’Italia in May.
  6. Internet: The cost is 12 euro for one day, but the journalists only use it for maximum of six hours. The other one-day races, like the classics in Belgium, offer free internet for the journalists. We think the Internet should be free at this race as well.
  7. Some journalists also complained of slow wifi.