Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2015

From: Alasdair Fotheringham, UK (The Independent)
Conclusion: Overall, very good working conditions
• Information on website:Fine
• Accreditation: Perfect
• Indication to Accreditation Centre: no problem
• Live-ticker of the race: very good
• Working conditions at start:Improved in general, but one important exception. The move of the signing on podium has made it much easier to talk to riders. The position of some of the team buses outside the ’security zone’ was not ideal, though.
• Working conditions at finish:Good
• Pressroom: Very good, the old press centre in the sports hall in Ans is thankfully becoming a distant memory. The access to the finish is now on foot, cutting down on time wasted and parking hassles and the only reservation is that it was almost too small.
• Distance Pressroom – Finish. Ideal
• Distance Finish – buses of the teams.Fine
• Internet: Very good
• Information about race in pressroom:Easy to follow on live ticker. Results came through quickly
• Results: Fine.
• Food or drinks at or near pressroom:Very good.
• Press conference: The innovation of the top three finishers being available for interview was continued on from 2014 and is ideal. In practical terms, this means we can look to interview those riders  who did not finish in the top positions at the finish, knowing the first three are guaranteed interviews. This means in turn a much richer coverage of the race is possible, which increases its interest and therfore makes more coverage likely. This practice of having all three top finishers available which should be  automatically extended to all World Tour one-day races and not just some, a situation that regrettably remains the norm at the moment.
• No idea about the numbers of professional/non-professional journalists, I’m afraid.
General conclusions: A very good race to work on. No real complaints except the concern that with just a few more journalists present, the press room would have become too small.