Il Lombardia 2016

From: Gregor Brown (freelance)
Country: Italy/USA
Conclusion: RCS Sport should do better.

Finish line: Safety and security was a big issue for the finish of Il Lombardia in Bergamo. The barriers did not extend far beyond the finish line and RCS Sport was short-staffed. Many fans made there way by the one or two workers to where the riders stopped and caused issues with the soigneurs and journalists. One soigneur had to push a fan away. It is chaos, dangerous and unacceptable in a WorldTour event by such a prestigious organiser.

Bus parking: Two kilometres away. We were forced to drive to the team buses to speak with some cyclists and missed the press conference. The buses should be part of the show and placed near the finish.

Accreditation: The website is slightly better and functions.

Pressroom: The organisation found a reasonable placement for the headquarters and pressroom, around 700 metres from the finish line. There were plenty of TVs, food and drink. Perfect.

Parking: The organiser provided ideal parking near the pressroom.

Internet: The internet should be free like in other one-day monument races. This year, the organiser asked for five euro.

Winner’s press conference: Inside the pressroom and on time.

Food: The organiser provided free drinks and snacks.

Results: On time.