Il Lombardia 2015

Il Lombardia

By Gregor Brown (USA, freelance)

Conclusion: RCS Sport made big improvements, but some details need addressing

Accreditation: Website is difficult to use for any RCS Sport race, including Il Lombardia

Distance Pressroom: Unlike in previous years, the pressroom sat (or floated) just metres away from the finish line and buses. RCS Sport essentially won the monument by keeping in mind the journalists’ need to reach both the line and the team buses. It created space for journalists in a docked boat. Complementi.

Pressroom: Plenty of TVs, free coffee and internet. Perfect.

Internet: The cost dropped, but the internet still could be free like other one-day monument races. RCS Sport offered a package deal for their three races, Milano-Torino, Piemonte and Il Lombardia.

Parking: Not indicated well. The race book varied from the actual layout in Como and signs were lacking. It created headaches for some journalists.

Winner’s press conference: Located on the boat. Perfect. However, there were too many fan journalists, or simply fans, in the conference room. RCS should control in the future better which people enter the room of the press conference. This was unprofessional. It was good that press-officer Manolo Bertocchi had attention that only real professional cycling journalists could ask questions.

Food: The organiser provided free coffee, cake and water. Journalists had time to eat in Como’s centre.

Bathrooms: No problem. Small, but adequate on the boat.

Results: On time.