GP Quebec and GP Montreal 2015

From: Joeri De Knop  Newspaper: Het Laatste Nieuws (Belgium)

Conclusion: professionalism is the key word for Serge Arsenault and his crew. They don’t do things ‘by half’ and that’s why these organizations are worth to have the UCI World Tour label. It’s a pleasure to be journalist in Québec and Montréal.

* Information on website: on Contains all the information you need about the two UCI WorldTour races, with even the details of the arrival of the riders in Canada, the hotels where they stay, the time schedule of the team presentations, and the transfer from Québec to Montréal. After the races full results are available. This is what you could call a ‘perfect service’.

* Accreditation: great work by Yves Perret, who knows his job. Everything is ready at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, the official hotel of the GP Québec. In a few seconds, you get all you need for the two race days. Little suggestion to the organization: is it possible to invite one or two representatives of (inter)national photo agencies next year(s)? Because the need of actual pictures — especially in the days before and between the GP’s — is very high for the newspaper journalists.

* Indication to Accreditation Centre: perfect. Located in the team and organization hotels, so no big deal.

* Live-ticker of the race: efficient and quick update. Which, especially, was very useful in Montréal without the live television coverage due to the extreme weather conditions.

* Working conditions at the starts: no complaints at all. Roads were closed for the public, which created space and time for some last small talks and quick interviews with the riders near the presentation podia. The discipline of the Canadian fans is exemplary.

* Working conditions at the finishes: just a dream for us. In Québec, riders were available on the street, right after the finish, for their first famous words. In Montréal, there even was the possibility to go to the team boxes to speak with them. It gave us the opportunity to work very quick. This is very important, with the time difference and very sharp newspaper deadlines in Europe.

* Pressrooms: excellent in Québec, a little bit cold in Montréal, also due to the bad weather. Question is: is there an alternative for the tent? The plastic poncho’s, offered by the organization to protect us against the rain outside, were welcome and very useful. Thanks for that!

* Distance pressroom – finishes: the finishes were just in front of the press rooms, in Québec as well as in Montréal. This also is an advantage if you have a sharp working deadline.

* Distance finish – team buses: no buses in use at the Canadian races, riders and their team leaders are available at the finishes, just as in the ‘good old times’.

* Internet, information about the race in the press room and results: internet was perfect. Results available short after the end of the races. As it should be, in other words.

* Food or drinks at or near the pressroom: basic, but okay. And more than enough.

* Press conferences: congrats for the outstanding leader/translator of the different press conferences before, after and between the two races. One of the best we ever had!

* Amount of professional and non-professional journalists: no problem.