Giro d’Italia 2016

By Gregor Brown (USA)

The Wifi Internet – A continued problem is not resolved. It is too expensive – 18 euro for the day rate – and slows down at key times after the race. The rate is 150 for 10 days and around 250 for the Giro. There should be a less expensive option for written journalists and one that works.

Basics – Some bathrooms did not have locks on the doors and most did not have soap or towels to dry your hands. We understand that the Giro uses schools and public buildings, but the RCS Sport team could supply these basics to the bathrooms.

Fans in pressroom – Fans were wandering around the pressroom in stage four. Also, on stage 13, too many non-journalists were in the pressroom. It is too loud and not safe. At some point, those controlling the doors to the pressrooms do not seem to be vigilant.

Pressrooms – They were organised well and often spacious. Press conferences were announced so that everyone could hear.

Food: Most days, the local organiser provided superb buffets. Having coffee always available in the pressroom would be a plus.

Press conferences – They took too long to occur, like last year. RCS Sport needs to speed this up, have the winners arrive sooner. Translations were made at the end in some cases to make the process quicker.

Finishes – New security forces on the finish line would not let journalists pass to arrive to the finish line. Some times, we were made to walk too far around to arrive to the press tents.

Buses – Bus parking on most stage finishes was better placed than in recent years. At the Corvara finish, however, they were supposed to be 1.2km away, but were around 3k away. Sestola, too, was a problem. You had to drive to arrive there and it was a mess to return to the pressroom, and for other team cars trying to leave the parking area.

Press parking at buses – We suggest parking at the buses for the press for the starts. The Tour has its Hors Course parking for this reason. Often, the journalists only want to work at the bus and then leave for the finish on the highway.

Specific notes from Dutch start:

Pre-race press conferences – RCS Sport organised them well with teams coming to the press centre.

Apeldoorn – No internet for a long time in pressroom. Ridiculous when we need to work. No sound from pressroom TVs. And no one person responsible and available in pressroom to solve these problems.

Arnhem start – No signs to the start. People working the barriers came from Den Haag and didn’t know where to direct us.

Nijmegen finish – No signs to press parking, so some parked at the wrong one. Also, RCS Sport staff parked at wrong place. TVs in the pressroom didn’t work between 12 and 5km from the finish.

Nijmegen start – No signs to the start and no signs to press parking before start.

Arnhem finish – Good signs to the parking, much better than first day. However, again, no one responsible in the pressroom at a certain point.