Giro d’Italia 2014 Updated report

By Gregor Brown Updated Report 2

Internet slow at times and again, like many years, too expensive. 18 euro for the day rate, which is really only six hours, costs too much.

Buses too far from the finish in Ireland and in some Italian stages, like Salsomaggiore, ____

The tea/coffee break at the end of each day in the press room went over well. Thanks.

Work areas cleaner with results and other press releases kept in one place, instead of handed out. Thanks.

Start area: Village open to the public and riders now going in hospitality tents. As a result, less time to talk to the riders between the time they step off the bus and the time they start the stage. (Was this sorted on the 10th stage?)

Starts: Buses in many cases closer to the start line. Much better.

Time trial: Stickers for course and start area handed out in quiet, low-key way.

Press conference: The tele-conference is fine, but we prefer the rider to come to the pressroom. When the stage winner is the same as the pink jersey, we should be able ask more questions. At Bassano del Grappa, only four questions with Nairo Quintana (Movistar). Part of the problem was that each response was translated in both English and Italian, taking too much time.

Pressrooms: In some cases, they were too far from the finish and from the buses. If they cannot be at the finish on a mountain stage, we prefer the bus area. Also, being at the buses is better when it’s a sprint stage as the riders do not stop.

The Bassano Del Grappa pressroom was the worst positioned of the Giro, both far from the start and finish of the time trial.