Fleche Wallone 2013

Fleche Wallone 2013
Fleche Wallone 2013

From: Guy Vermeiren (Gazet van Antwerpen)
Country: Belgium
Conclusion: perfect working conditions in the pressroom, chaos elsewhere.

  1. Information available on the website: ASO is the organizer, so their website provides all the necessary information
  2. Accreditation: works smoothly
  3. Race live-ticker: Sporza, Twitter, various other sources
  4. Working conditions at the finish: terrible. There is no way to follow the final of the race. The space after the finish is very narrow and way to crowded. The numbers one, two and three were supposed to present themselves in the pressroom, only Rodriguez and Betancur showed up.
  5. Start: conditions were okay. The parking arrière course was too small. Not enough start lists available at the accreditation truck
  6. Pressroom: location is good, but you have to pay for your sandwiches. The television screens to follow the race could have been bigger. Internet connection was okay.
  7. Parking pressroom: it is very disturbing that people who come to collect their accreditation in the presscentre at the finishline are not allowed to park their car at the press parking, even when then show their presscards.
  8. Distance pressroom – team buses: terrible conditions. Only Katusha, IAM Cycling, Leopard and Lampre were parked within a reasonable distance (1 kilometre). Some journalists had to go down the Mur de Huy – and climb back up again – on foot to talk with some riders.
  9. Results: okay
  10. Press conference: okay, translations were good. A pity Henao wasn’t there to present himself to the written press.