Eneco Tour 2015

From: Raymond Kerckhoffs Newspaper: De Telegraaf (Netherlands) Conclusion: Good organization with a lot of respect for the press. We can be very thankful that Guy Vermeiren and Willy Notenbaert continue the good job as pressofficers that Marc van Landeghem started.


1) Information on website: Good site. Good information about the stages, the participants and during the race on twitter and on the site a good live-ticker. Also good extra informations and videos.

2) Accreditation: accreditation system on www.enecotour.com works perfectly. For the wellknown journalists it is also possible to take directly contact with press-officer Guy Vermeiren.

3) Indication to Accreditation Centre: no problems, well indicated. Only at Ardooie it was difficult with the local laps to reach the presscenter. There was also not many parkingspace for the press. In Houffalize and Geraardsbergen the parkingplace is about 500 meters away from the pressroom.

4) Live-ticker of the race: as mentioned in point 1, it works perfectly.

5) Working conditions at the starts: no special problems, team buses nearby the start podium so easy talking with riders and other team members.

6) Working conditions at the finishes: Easy and quiet. It was very good that the pressofficers gave the writtenmedia after the podiumceremony the possibility to interview some riders at the tv-unit. Only at Geraardsbergen some journalists had some problems with police-officers because they were not allowed to go on the street behind the finish… Often the police in Flanders is not good instructred and gives the written media no place.

7) Pressrooms: Perfect. Good locations.

8) Distance pressroom – finishes: Perfect. An example for many races.

9) Distance finish – team buses: Again perfect!

10) Internet, information about the race in the press room and results: no complaints at all.

11) Food or drinks at or near the pressroom: very good. At this point one of the best organisations in the WorldTour. Journalists are also allowed to visit the VIP-area.

12) Press conferences: daily conference of the stage winner. Good translation when needed. Guy Vermeiren speaks all languages

13) Amount of professional and non-professional journalists: Good controle. No complains.