Criterium le Dauphine 2013

From: Raymond Kerckhoffs
 (De Telegraaf)
 Country: The Netherlands

 Conclusion: Nice race to follow. A lot of good riders and not many journalists. Perfect working conditions by the ASO-organisation

Information available on the website: You can find everything you find at the website where all races of Aso can be found.

1. Accreditation: The accreditation system works without any problem. It’s the same system for all Aso races.

2. Signposting to the Pressrooms: Not as good as most days in the Tour de France, but better that in many other WorldTour-races.

3. Race live-ticker: On Twitter but you can also follow the live-tickers on Het Nieuwsblad websites and other ones too.

4. Working conditions at the start: Team buses are right next to the start. With the good weather conditions, the riders come early out of the busses and so it’s easy to talk with them.

5. Working conditions at the finish: No problems. The giant screen makes it easy to follow the race. After the race it is easy to walk to the buses.

6. Pressroom: It is all right. Enough places and there were television screens to follow the race.

7. Distance Pressroom – Finish: Perfect. All days close to the finish.

8. Distance Finish – Teams buses: No problem.

9. Internet: Internet was free of charge and the quality was ok.

10. Information about the race in the Pressroom: You could follow the live ticker on the website and also the race on television on a big screen.

11. Results: We received them fast.

12. Food or drinks at or near the Pressroom: There was always water in the pressroom. Nearby the pressroom most of the days you could find some restaurants.

13. Press conference: Professional press conference with the winner of the stage.

14. Amount of professional and non-professional journalists: ASO looks strict to control if journalists are real professionals. No problems at all.