Amstel Gold Race 2014

From: Raymond Kerckhoffs
 (De Telegraaf)
 Country: The Netherlands 

Conclusion: Good working conditions at the finish with the pressroom directly near the finish.

  1. Information available on the website: Amstel Gold Race’s website is a very modern but can the information about the race was this year not up to date.
  2. Accreditation: The accreditation system works without any problem. Information about the accreditation request status is available within a short timeframe.
  3. Signposting to the Accreditation Centre: You can park right next to the permanence at Maastricht City Hall. The permanence is easy to find: you have just to follow the arrows. PPO easy to find too.
  4. Race live-ticker: On Twitter but you can also follow the live-tickers on Het Nieuwsblad websites and other ones too.
  5. Working conditions at the start: Team buses are right next to the Markt. The team presentation is just perfect. You have the possibility to wait near the podium and speak with all the riders. The zone just near the podium was reserved for television only. Why is this zone not free for other journalists? It is easy to extend the working space.
  6. Working conditions at the finish: No problems. The giant screen makes it easy to follow the race. After the race it is easy to walk to the buses.
  7. Pressroom: It is all right. Very big tent with enough places. The television screens to follow the race could be a little bit bigger.
  8. Distance Pressroom – Finish: Perfect. There are not many races where the pressroom is so close to the finish.
  9. Distance Finish – Teams buses: No problem.
  10. Internet: The internet worked a lot better than last year. But fast internet is necessary anno 2014.
  11. Information about the race in the Pressroom: You could follow the live ticker on the website and also the race on television on a big screen.
  12. Results: OK
  13. Food or drinks at or near the Pressroom: Enough drinks and sandwiches.
  14. Press conference: Professional press conference with the participation of the complete podium. Good translations. Time enough to ask your questions.
  15. Amount of professional and non-professional journalists: Bennie Ceulen is the press officer. He works very professional.
  16. Other points: Some photographers complained that the wife of Cor Vos is working at the press department to give the photographers their passes and accesses.