AIJC-meeting with Vuelta a España

The AIJC’s co-representative for Spain, Alasdair Fotheringham, recently has had a meeting with Vuelta a España press officer Iván Gómez to discuss working conditions for media in the race. The meeting went well and a number of points were brought up, amongst them some revisions needed for the route book, press access at the start, the post-race interviews, the schedules for buses that take the press to finishes with difficult access, and the possibilities of some kind of catering service at the finishes for the press.

This is by no means the only meeting we will be having with the Vuelta a España or with other press officers in the future in Spain and obviously – from both sides – more issues will arise and disappear. So if there are points that anybody feels needs raising, please feel free to send them to the AIJC general email (in English or Spanish) and I will make sure they get an airing in the future. Plus I will be present at the Vuelta this year, should anybody need to talk over any other matters directly, and I will be sending in the usual report to the AIJC after the race.  (AF)