40 years AIJC

The year 2016 marks an important moment in the history of the AIJC. The association will be celebrating its 40th anniversary, which emphasizes the continuity and importance of the AIJC for decades. We will give it some great thought at the anniversary.

Due to the fact that media landscape is undergoing rapid changes because of the internet, social media and the cutbacks in existing media, the AIJC must stand up and fight for the interests of the cycling journalists and photographers.

This year the AIJC has again enforced a change in our press cards. Last year we made the transition to digitalized press cards, on which one can see whether he or she is active as either J (journalist), PH (photographer), V (video-reporter), TV (television) or R (radio). In doing so, we aspired to create more clarity for the organizers.

Furthermore, the delegates per country will ensure that anyone who has a press card, also gets 70% of its income generated through sports journalism. In case of doubt, the board members of the AIJC will examine the request for a press card carefully.

The contact with our key stakeholders is well maintained. We discuss and the evaluate the larger tours extensively and are currently negotiating with the International Cycling Union UCI and the organization of the Worlds in Qatar to appoint an affordable media hotel with shuttles which will run every hour from the hotel to the press room. We will also consider whether the cycling press can receive special rates for the Worlds from Qatar Airways. We will hopefully have more information on this matter in April.

Furthermore, William Fotheringham will be the new delegate for the United Kingdom. He takes over the job from Mike Price who did great work.

After decades of loyal service, Bertrand Duboux will quit as a delegate for Switzerland and we are still looking for a successor. We are also searching for a delegate for Scandinavia. The positive increase in the number of members is stimulating for the volunteer work that many are performing for the AIJC.

It is in everyone’s interest that we continue to fight for a better position of the cycling press in the realm of media.

Raymond Kerckhoffs
President of the AIJC