2016 Mark Gunter Photographer of the year award

Mark Gunter (June 10, 1974 – November 29, 2015) was a widely respected photographer in cycling and his loss has been felt by many. To commemorate Mark’s contribution to the community and to let his name continue to honour his passion and the best cycling photographs of each year, we are excited announce the inaugural Mark Gunter Photographer of the Year Awards of 2016.
Together in partnership with Mark’s wife, Leeanne Gatien, we want to honour Mark and let his name live on through an award that will grow more prestigious each year.
The funds raised through this competition will be donated towards oesophageal cancer research (thanks to Tour de Cure, our donation recepient), young athlete assistance, and into an education trust for Mark and Leeanne’s son Lucas who is two years old.
The Competition
We want to celebrate the best cycling photography of 2016. The only requirement is that the photo has a connection with road cycling (track, cyclocross, gravel grinding are permitted).
Who can enter? Anyone who has taken a remarkable photo in the past 24 months.
There are three categories to this competition to showcase the best photos of 2016 while taking care to include everyone and disadvantage no one.
1. Professional: We encourage Mark Gunter’s colleagues to enter the competition such that the best professionals and their work is celebrated and acknowledged.
2. DSLR: Semi-professionals and enthusiasts alike are encouraged to submit their best work of the year (mirrorless, film and all other high-end gear permitted).
3. Smartphone and Action-Cam: Some of the best photos in the world are now taken on mobile phone cameras and action sports cams, and if you have a great eye or have simply gotten lucky with an outstanding photo, we invite you to showcase it here.
Key Dates:
Entries open: December 2, 2016
First round of shortlisting: January 9, 2017
Winners of judging and people’s choice awards: January 16, 2017

More information:

The First Annual Mark Gunter Photography Awards