Annual meeting, AIJC – Ponferrada, Spain – 28 September, 2014

2014-09-28 12.40.09Opening comments from president Raymond Kerckhoffs:

The last two years, we concentrated on improving working conditions on World Tour races, it’s really moving forward, there is better communication, and the work environment is better.

Other points:

  • confirming legitimate journalists for press cards
  • newsletter needs to improve, updated monthly
  • create a mix zone at the start zone of the major races
  • encourage team parking near press room
  • finances are solid
  • new permanent, plastic press cards with photos. AIJC made a deal with Wings, who are responsible for the UCI-presscards
  • communication is good with race organizers, UCI, teams; “people want to listen”
  • AIJC created with the press chiefs of the teams a workinggroup. Good input from Alessandro Tegner
  • AIJC is invited by meeting from UCI about the future of cycling
  • more input from AIJC about the needs of the media for the future growth and reform of the sport

Grand tour updates:

Giro d’Italia – Gregor Brown: Internet is too expensive (250E entire race); work conditions have improved; but press rooms are sometimes too far away; access to riders is sometimes limited.

Vuelta a España – Alasdair Fotheringham: Working conditions improving, but not perfect. Internet major problem, free, but slow to not functioning; results slow; shuttles leaving too early; route book is better; press conferences improved; press rooms open later; winner’s press conference was too late, too short (8.5 minutes).

Tour de France – Raymond Kerckhoffs: Internet is too expensive, the start area was much better with paddock; mixed zone for major media with bib; press shuttles were terrible, ie. Blanche Filles; Pressroom in Risoul was too small. Overall conditions good.

World championships – Kerckhoffs: Logistics were near-perfect in Ponferrada; access, mixed zone, team bus parking, “a model” for future worlds. Good collaboration with UCI-presschief Louis Chenaille.